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Hand Made Byzantine Icons 30×40

Saint Eunice hand painted icon - 30×40

Saint Eunice hand painted icon - 30×40

Painted Icon entirely by hand by talented artist using the tradition method of real tooled gold leaf, tempera and gesso on high quality wood for long lasting vivid colors.

sku : AUT734635_3040
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Size: 30× 40 cm
or 11.8× 15.7 inch
Weight: 2.2 kg (4.9 lb)

Size :

List Price: 450.00 
Our Price: 399.00   
You Save: 51.00  (11%)
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Volume Price: for 2 items unit price : 379.05 
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for 4 or more items unit price : 339.15 

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Black Komboskini Bracelet 33knots with Blue Beads from Wool

black with blue beads
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1.  Ierografies Apergis
We thank the company Apergis & Co. for let us show the copyrighted icons of the company.

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