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Christ Blessing, Pantocrator hand painted icon - 25×35 ->

Painted Icon entirely by hand by talented artist using the tradition method of real tooled gold leaf, tempera and gesso on high quality wood for long lasting vivid colors.
  sku : AUT988395_2535

Our Price: 296.65  to 349.00 

Availability: Usually ships within 3 to 4 weeks. Ships from and sold by athineon.com.

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crack effect
Apply crack effect on normal hand painting images By apply this effect we follow a different procedure to make it. We fist painting the image on a stand alone canvas, then we apply the crack effect gently on the image, try to avoid too much effect on the faces, and then we connect the image to the wood. With this effect you have an image that looks some how older than the other ones, giving them a unique style.
  sku : crk.02

Our Price: 34.00 

Availability: This can add addition 1-2 business days to the full procedure.

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